We think our friend Yury summed us up pretty well. If not, there are “real” bios below.

xo reece + annie


I may live in New York, but I still manage to be an environmentalist and surfer (yes, there’s surfing in NY!). When not commuting from Rockaway Beach to work in Manhattan, I spend my time near the ocean and adventuring with Reece.
The common thread that runs through my work, volunteering, and lifestyle is collaboration leads to greater change, specifically around our oceans and waterways. Connected with a variety of surf and ocean non-profits (Surfrider Foundation, 5 Gyres, Saha Global, Waves for Development, Waves for Water, Stoked Mentoring), I enjoy being an advocate and connector.
After 3+ years managing the e-commerce and marketing of a sustainable clothing brand and as Volunteer Coordinator for Surfrider Foundation New York, I look forward to a year of exploration. We will be capturing our adventures through writing and photography here and on Insta! Let’s link up.


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On the internet, I’m known as a determined startup founder, digital video expert, and team-oriented human being. Those boxes are fairly accurate, though I’ll add ocean advocate, environmentalist, and avid traveler to the list.

After one year in corporate America (as a result of a merger of my last startup), I’ve taken off to volunteer, surf, and explore internationally while I work on what’s next. I’m also proud to support and promote the non-profit WAVES For Development as one of their Advocates.

In the meantime, I’ve rekindled my love of photography, writing, and video (after all, I studied it in college). I’m sharing many images and experiences here on wavesgoodbye, as well as on Instagram. I’m collecting some video that I’ll edit into something, someday soon. I’m also writing an infrequent newsletter which you can subscribe to here https://tinyletter.com/reece.

More of a bio here, more writing, and more everything else over here.