Chile Chico / Chile



Chile Chico is a boarder crossing town on the the Chilean side. We stopped there for two nights (after 30 hours of bus travel), awaiting a bus to take us further south into Patagonia for our volunteer program. There’s absolutely nothing noteworthy to do here, but it is so quiet and sweet, that I look back on it fondly.

It’s a breezy little town right on big blue Lago Gral Carrera. We took some nice lakeside runs, past munching horses, carefully tiptoed around snoozing dogs, walked to the top of a lookout point over the lake, and that’s about it. We stayed in a fairytale spot, marked in my memory by the sound of the strong breeze through the trees, the densest white beds, the beautiful rawness of the wood floors and furniture, the kindness of the woman and the sharp blue eyes of her white bearded, mountainman husband. Not to mention, they had a ship on land that they converted into a living space and a wood-fired hot tub out back that looked over their small farmland, which looked over the lake. If you find yourself in Chile Chico, stay at Hosteria de la Patagonia.

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